New Castle Falkenstein from Fat Goblin~

New Castle Falkenstein from Fat Goblin~

Fat Goblin will be releasing new material for Castle Falkenstein:

Fat Goblin Games and R.Talsorian Games, Inc. announce license agreement for Castle Falkenstein

South Carolina-based Fat Goblin Games has announced a licensing agreement with R. Talsorian Games, Inc. to create a line of roleplaying game supplements based on Castle Falkenstein, the classic steampunk-themed fantasy role-playing game designed by Mike Pondsmith.  

Castle Falkenstein was originally released in 1994 by R. Talsorian Games. In it, players take on the roles of adventurers dealing with an amazing journey into another universe just a few steps away from our own: a place where Dragons and Steampower rule the skies, Faerie Lords duel atop the battlements, and where the forces of Magick meet the gaslight streets of the Victorian Age. But with Castle Falkenstein the story never ends, as you take up sabre and spell to adventure in a distant world on the other side of the mysterious Faerie Veil: a world of swashbuckling fantasy, high romance, and magickal technology. The world of Castle Falkenstein.

Fat Goblin Games has teamed up with R. Talsorian Games to expand on the award winning setting with new expansive material.

We at Talsorian are delighted to have Fat Goblin Games bringing out supplemental products for Castle Falkenstein. We feel that Fat Goblin cares for the line and will be a great partner in advancing Castle Falkenstein and creating new experiences for our players.”

Fat Goblin Games will stay true with the original system and design and bring new supplements and expansion material to Castle Falkenstein. Lead Developer J Gray (Mysteries of the Arcana, Fat Goblin Games, Flaming Crab Games) will introduce this new material as writer and lead developer.

Fat Goblin Games was founded in 2011 to create tabletop roleplaying game products. With a focus on high quality production values and providing a creative environment for their writers, Fat Goblin Games has quickly become a recognized force in the world of third party publishers. With hundreds of support books, visual aids, campaign settings, and quality stock art, Fat Goblin Games continues to provide exciting content and fantastic worlds in which gamers can immerse themselves.

I’ve always loved the rules and design of Castle Falkenstein,”commented Rick Hershey, founder and publishing director of Fat Goblin Games. “When J Gray suggested contacting R. Talsorian Games about licensing the setting, I wasn’t sure if it would lead anywhere. After several weeks of discussion and way more excitement than I could contain, we made it happen. Now it’s time to turn our enthusiasm into some amazing products fans can look forward to using in their games.

The first of these new Castle Falkenstein Supplements will be available by the end of the summer. In full color and inspired by classic medieval bestiaries, Curious Creatures will provide new challenges in the form of faerie pets, unusual animals, and things from Beyond the Faerie Veil as well as new character options inspired by Doctor Dolittle, the Jungle Book, Grizzly Adams, Black Beauty and more. Curious Creatures will be followed by regional guides, rules expansions, and much more.

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