Steam World! (for Dungeon World) ~

2Die10 Games, the folks behind the nifty Excelsior RPG, have released a new setting for the innovate Dungeon World RPG.

Steam World

“A Steampunk Pen and Paper RPG drawing inspiration from the classics of literature that gave rise to the Steampunk movement!

  • Adventure in a world inspired by some of the Victorian Era’s most proflici writers!
  • Five exciting Steampunk Classes: Scrapper, Punk, Big Game Hunter, Apothecary, and Clockwerk!
  • Steampowered technology and more, including Biomechanics and Champagne Sabers!

Steam World is a brand new setting for use with Dungeon World, but has some great materials that can be used in your own campaign, regardless of rule system. It is a world of Victorian Science Fiction (aka steampunk) that is inspired by the works of authors such as Jules Verne, HC Wells, with a little bit of HP Lovecraft and Lewis Carroll thrown in for good measure. Steam World is quite diverse and provides for diverse steampunk adventuring whether it’s in the sprawling Victorian metropolises, dinosaur filled uncharted islands, or city sized caverns beneath the surface of the world.”

Note: Steam World is a supplement for Dungeon World and requires the Dungeon World core book for play.

Check out Excelsior here:

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