Welcome to Victorian Adventure Enthusiast.

What is Victorian Adventure Enthusiast?

Victorian Adventure Enthusiast is an on-line resource for material related to Victorian Era Role-Playing Games.

Including styles and themes like: steampunk, weird west, alt history, occult investigation, scientific romance,

vintage horror, gaslight fantasy, and classic adventure stories.

This journal will be free and as such will depend on fans of the genre for it's submissions.

Our goal is to be as open about submissions as possible. We look forward to receiving adventures, campaign ideas/notes,

and character write ups for settings like Etherscope, Cthulhu by Gaslight, World of Darkness, Deadlands, Forgotten Futures,

Unhallowed Metropolis, Victoriana, Full Light Full Steam, Castle Falkenstein, Dark Continent, Iron Kingdoms, and

Space 1889. But they don't have be setting specific and we hope to see pieces using "generic" systems like GURPS,

Savage Worlds, and D20.

We will also have a collection of links to other great on-line resources for Victorian Era gaming as well as a glossary

of "steampunk" terms, an extensive Bibliography and media reviews.

Please contact us with your thoughts and questions:



Victorian Adventure Enthusiasts Contact Information:

Email: editor@victorianadventureenthusiast.com

Livejournal: http://vae-editor.livejournal.com/

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/victorianadventure


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