A peek at Curious Creatures~

Fat Goblin has a peek inside their upcoming Castle Falkenstein book, Curious Creatures:

The Beauty of Curious Creatures

Hello my friends and welcome to Falkenstein Friday! In a previous post, I mentioned Curious Creatures, the first book in our revival of the Castle Falkenstein line has moved from the writing stage to the editing stage. I’m quite happy to report Lord Lucus Palosaari and Captain Troy E. Daniels have finished their editing efforts and passed the book along to the Fattest of All Goblins, Admiral Rick Hershey! He has made swift progress and I am ecstatic to have to chance to share with you two spreads from the book as laid out thus far. Mind you, what you see here today is not the final product and changes may yet be made. Still, I hope you will find the spreads as gorgeous as I do. Rick has worked hard to create a style which is up to date and beautiful while still retaining the character of Castle Falkenstein and the Victorian era.

The first of the two spreads serves as the introduction to the book and gives a glimpse into the narrative of Mister Thomas Stubbins which has been woven throughout the first half of the book. There’s also a note from Captain Olam introducing the more rules oriented portion of Curious Creatures.

The second spread I included because I absolutely love this sidebar, which introduces Beth-Ann, the giant bear. You also get a glimpse into the beginning of the rules detailing how creatures and Magick interact.

Once Admiral Hershey finishes layout we will inspect it one more time, fix any errors and the manuscript will be sent via electronic express to the amazing talent at R. Talsorian game for approval. As soon as the word is given, Curious Creatures will go on sale.

Your humble servant.

J Gray

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