American Sunset RPG – kickstarter

American Sunset RPG – kickstarter

American Sunset is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a fictional American West, featuring:

  • A setting that combines the larger-than-life characters and the western film genre with true history issues and hardships.
  • A simple and flexible system, accessible to beginners but with the depth to satisfy veteran roleplayers.
  • A detailed world, perfect for your choice of western-film style campaigns, historically driven games, or fantastical “weird west” adventures.

American Sunset is inspired by both Western films and books, as well as the true-life history of the American West. No small amount of research went into the creation of the American Sunset setting, and the system is designed to reinforce the themes of the Western.

Combat is tense and fast paced, with conflict resolution built around do-or-die scenarios. Character creation is devised to so that players can create fully realized characters with their own reputation and destiny right out of the starting gate.


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