APOCRYPHA: The Art of Jason Soles, kickstarter

APOCRYPHA: The Art of Jason Soles, kickstarter

Jason Soles is one of the (strange) masterminds behind the Unhallowed Metropolis RPG is kickstarting a book of his art:

“Jason Soles is best known as the lead developer and designer of Privateer Press’ award-winning miniatures war-games, WARMACHINE and HORDES, but he is also an accomplished and renowned sculptor. For almost two decades Soles has produced an array of unsettling works in a variety of mediums.

APOCRYPHA: The Art of Jason Soles collects hundreds of photos of his works for the first time. This premium edition art book is 9 x 12″, approximately 125 pages, features a beautiful matte hardcover with spot gloss treatments, and is bound with Smyth sewn binding allowing it to be opened and lain flat to fully display its full color photographs. Created in collaboration with Strix Publishing, and including a foreword by noted artist George Higham, this book will be a stunning addition to the collection of any connoisseur of the dark arts.

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