Beyond Curious Creatures

Fat Goblin is giving a peak at their plans for Castle Falkenstein after Curious Creatures:

Beyond Curious Creatures

As we speak, the talented editorial staff of Fat Goblin Games is carefully checking every word of Curious Creatures, the first volume in our revival of Castle Falkenstein! As they pour through the book I now turn my attentions to what lies beyond, down the wandering road of roleplaying game design.


Among the materials sent to our world by Captain Olam I discovered a number of newsletters titled The Journal of Science Obscura which were dedicated to “shining the spotlight upon Men and Women of Science whose ideas are ignored or made sport of by the establishment”. We will be transcribing these journals and releasing them occasionally.

The Hydraulic Railway Locomotive, one of the inventions featured in the Journal of Science Obscura.


Once Curious Creatures is released, we will also be releasing a monthly line of short adventures “ripped from the headlines” (of the 1870s). Each adventure will present a short article from the age as well as an adventure inspired by it.


Finally, we have the honor of transcribing the city guides written by Miss Pauline Peril, an American adventuress traveling the world and providing her unique perspective on the cities of New Europa without, as he describes it, the “stuffed shirt boredom of the usual travel writer”. Miss Peril’s first book was written about Paris, the cultural center of the continent and we are quite excited about bringing it to you as a location to set your Adventure Entertainments in!

Your Humble Servant,

J Gray

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