Braille RPG Dice kickstarter~

I supported this and I sincerely hope other gamers will do so as well.



“64 Oz. Games produces high quality braille accessories and wants to expand our line to include a set of Braille Polyhedral dice.”

“We intend to create a high quality set of 3D printed Polyhedral Dice with a brand new 3d printer. These dice will be usable with a wide variety of RPG games and would be both functional for blind players and a great novelty item for sighted RPG players interested in being inclusive. 

We’ve printed sample models using the model that we’re looking at buying and we’re pretty happy with the way they turned out. 

We have already shown we are committed and capable of helping the blind community join gaming with our last Kickstarter that let us open our store.

What we need now is enough capital to make our dream of doing the same for RPG dice come true.”

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