Castle Falkenstein – Curious Creatures outline

Fat Goblin has posted the outline for their upcoming Castle Falkenstein book, Curious Creatures:

Curious Creatures!

Welcome friends, to Falkenstein Friday! I have fantastic news to reports! Curious Creatures has been fully transcribed from Captain Olam’s notes and is even now being beta read by Allies of the Second Compact! Once they finish I will give the book one more polish and then turn it into my editors.

But why wait when I can give you a taste of what awaits you when the book is released! I ask, nay beg! for feedback. Do you like an idea in the outline? Or, perhaps more importantly, dislike it? Comment, please, and let us know what and why. Your thoughts on Castle Falkenstein are just as important as our’s.

Now, without further ado, an outline of Curious Creatures, the first book in the revived Castle Falkenstein line!

  1. The Introduction, in which Tommy Stubbins realizes the final, unfinished manuscript of his mentor, Doctor Dolittle, has been stolen.
  2. Creatures in Castle Falkenstein, in which rules, both old and new, for animals and creatures in the game are presented. These include rules on attack, damage, health, and movement as well as new Abilities such as Animal Speech, Animal Handling, and Poison as well as suggested rules for acquiring a permanent and loyal animal companion.
  3. Tommy in Trouble, in which Tommy meets Countess Marianne, an agent of the Second Compact and nearly meets his end at the hand of the Hidden Paw.
  4. Intelligent Animals, in which rules are presented for the use of animals with human-like intelligence, be they changed by Magick, Glamour, or Faerie blood, as Host Characters in the game.
  5. Across France, in which Tommy Stubbins travels across France and is saved from agents of the Temple of Ra by Grizzly Adams and a giant bear.
  6. Magic and Creatures, in which rules, both old and new, are presented concerning creatures and Magick. This includes new rules for creating a Familiar and how they might aid in spell casting.
  7. Lady Capra’s Forest, in which Tommy Stubbins encounters an old friend in the form of the unicorn Lady Capra and a potential new one in the form of the Sphinx, Herr Muta.
  8. Unicorns and Sphinxes, in which rules are given for unicorns as both Dramatic Characters and as Host Characters and rules are given for sphinxes as Host Characters.
  9. Tommy in Africa, in which Tommy journeys across Africa to the Kingdom of Kongo and meets Fantomah, the queen of the jungle.
  10. Wild Children, in which wild children, such as a certain Lord of the Apes, are introduced as a concept for the Great Game.
  11. The Camp of Ra, in which Tommy meets the fiendish mind behind the plot he has stumbled upon and learns why his mentor’s diary was stolen.
  12. Beast Folk, in which rules are given for playing beast folk and animal men including those cursed by Magick (werewolves, perhaps) and by science (the animal men of Doctor Moreau or Doctor Jekyll’s Mister Hyde) as Dramatic Characters or Host Characters.
  13. The Conclusion, in which a terrible plot is foiled.
  14. Dinosaurs, in which rules for the use of dinosaurs are presented, including five examples fully prepared for the Great Game.
  15. The Bestiary, in which Doctor Dolittle has prepared 33 entries on 35 unusual creatures. Captain Olam has been so kind as to provide us with both statistics to govern these creatures and Adventure Seeds to suggest how they might be used to further enhance an Adventure Entertainment.
  16. Common Animals, in which are presented statistics for 30 animals any Dramatic Character might encounter, from lap dogs to crocodiles.
  17. Host Characters, in which can be read short biographies of famous personalities of the age who pertain to the subject of this book as well as statistics to aid in using them in the Great Game.
  18. Dramatic Character Archetypes, in which the book concludes with a number of suggested Dramatic Characters who represent the themes of the book.

And thus ends the outline.

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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