Deadlands Double-Shot kickstarters

Pinnacle Entertainment Group is running not one, but TWO kickstarters for Deadlands… and BOTH of them were fund in ONE HOUR!

Deadlands 20th Anniversary Edition:

Classic Never Goes Out of Style    

With the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Deadlands Classic hardcover book, your posse can keep ridin’ the Weird West, “classic” style!

Fans of Savage Worlds and gamers studying the evolution of roleplaying game mechanics will love seeing the roots of the award-winning RPGs. The first edition of Deadlands hit the shelves in 1996; we’re actually reprinting the revised and best version which was released a few years later. For more on Deadlands‘ storied history (and it ain’t over yet!) read below.

We’re also including a Conversion Guide so Classic Marshals can use all the Plot Point Campaigns for Deadlands, including Good Intentions, to spur their ghost rock-fevered dreams… 

…and Savage Worlds Marshals of Deadlands Reloaded can resurrect the bones of Deadlands Classic to flesh out their undying campaigns! The sections on adding a Mysterious Past to a posse member or NPC, Knacks, and Malfunctions both mechanical and arcane are especially useful for mining. 

Deadlands: Good Intentions

The year is 1882, but the history is not our own…

Decades ago, Dr. Darius Hellstromme‘s discovery of “ghost rock” and his first marvelous inventions sparked a new Industrial Revolution in the American West.

Next, he courted and won over the people of Deseret, making himself indispensable to them as his factories multiplied.

Finally, Hellstromme focused his mighty intellect on the Great Rail Wars, winning the race to California in a brutal conflagration.

But guess what, amigo? Hellstromme was just getting started. 

His greatest and most terrible designs have yet to reach fruition, and he’s undertaken them with the very best of intentions …

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