Ether Society Newsletter – Issue No. 1

Ether Society Newsletter – Issue No. 1

A nifty new addition to the VAE Library:

This is the only “pamphlet” version of the Newsletter.

More info from

“Ether Society News was originally published by GDW Games as its official Space: 1889 (Original edition) newsletter (issues 0, and 1-4), supporting the Space: 1889 (Original edition) roleplaying game, Soldier’s Companion and Ironclads And Ether Flyers miniatures rules. The newsletter was taken over by Dr. Mark Clark and Matthew J. Ruane and continued as a series in volume 2 of the ‘zine Transactions of the Royal Martian Geographical Society (issues 5-8). In 2000, Heliograph Incorporated published 2 additional issues (9-10) as a web ‘zine.”

Contents of this issue:

“Editor’s Soapbox: The View from Here” by Lester W Smith

“Luck: A New Skill” by Scott L Jones and Lester W Smith

“The Lost Village of Torisnakkura” an adventure by Eric W Haddock

“The Hazards of the Canals” by Lester W Smith

“News & Reviews”

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