…In The Age of Chivalry (notes)

VAE …In The Age of Chivalry

Notes from our us of our Chivalric Oracle and a modified version of the rules from In a Wicked Age.
Book I, Chapter I
“How Sir Roberts with the Flashing Eyes came by his name, and of the Knight He Defeated”

Sir Andrew the Bald: bald but wearing striking red Mustaches
– Son of Maura who is the Widow of the Earl of Beckett’s Cousin
– Had actively sought the hand of Evalene of Beckett
– A young Knight of much Local Popularity he shocked All and Sundry by tossing aside his Arms in his Joust against Roberts with the Flashing Eyes
– Last seen riding from the Earl of Beckett’s Court in Disgrace

Earl of Beckett: and aging Lord, a Widower with no Sons
– Hosted his Tournament to find a possible suitor for his daughter Evelene

Evalene of Beckett: Daughter of the Earl of Beckett
– A young Woman possessing a most Remarkable Beauty
– Deigned to Smile upon Sir Roberts with the Flashing Eyes

Sir Betram:
– A Knight Beheaded by Sir Calvin the Fierce during the Jousts at the Manor of the Earl of Beckett

Sir Calvin the Fierce: Imposing Victor of Many Tournaments
– Rumored to use any Means necessary to win
– Took off Sir Betram’s head during a Joust at Earl of Beckett’s games
– Killed in Joust by Sir Wembley of Scotsdale, also at the Tourney of Beckett. Head sorely pierced, though still attached

Connor- a talkative youth from the Manor of the Earl of Beckett
– Made in himself known and of use to Sir Gondoddin

Sir Gondoddin: a Welsh Knight, poor and having red hair with the green eyes
– Injured Sir Wembley at the Jousts hosted by the Earl of Beckett, also defeated Sir Paulus there. Though, in the end defeated by Sir Roberts of the Flashing Eyes
– Attracted the assistance of a young servant named Connor
– His Performance at Beckett’s Tourney brought him the attention of Lady Susan of Liecester
(Player Character)

Lady Susan of Liecester: a Widow of Advancing Years, though growing Fortune
– Found much to intrigue her in the Sir Gondoddin
– Gave several tokens to that Knight at the Tourney hosted by the Earl of Beckett, and finally introduced herself to Gondoddin there

Maura, Mother of Sir Andrew the Bald: A woman of Domineering Spirit, Widow of the Earl of Beckett’s Cousin
– Her Plans to have her son marry the enchanting Evalene of Beckett were ruined when Andrew abandoned his Honor and Position in Society

Sir Paulus: an Average Knight of Middle Years
– Defeated in the Joust by Sir Gondoddin at the Tournament held by the Earl of Beckett
– There, also, he challenged Sir Wembley of Scotsdale to a Duel of Honor by Sword, but faired no better

Sir Roberts of Wilford- with the Flashing Eyes: a Charismatic Knight
– Defeated Sir Tarn at the Earl of Beckett’s Tournament, others as well (including Sir Gondoddin)
– Ultimate winner of Beckett’s Joust after Sir Andrew the Bald threw down his arms in disgrace
– Met there the Beautiful Evalene there, an received smile from same
(Player Character)

Sir Tarn: a large, Pictish Knight
– Defeated in the Joust by Sir Roberts with the Flashing Eyes at Beckett’s Tourney

Sir Wembley of Scotsdale: “Arrogant Knight, works selfishly for glory under the pretense of ‘for king’ or ‘god’ ”
– Killed Sir Calvin the Fierce at the Earl of Beckett’s Tournament, also had his ribs cracked there by Sir Gondoddin
– Also defeated Sir Paulus with the Sword in a Duel of Honor, again during Beckett’s Tourney
– Troubled by a Dream of the Grail
(Player Character)

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