Kickstarter: Weird War I

Pinnacle Entertainment is preparing to unleash their newest volume for the Weird War series: Weird War I

“Things not of this earth crawl through the corpse-choked mud of Flanders. Shapes beyond imagining shamble in the murky chlorine clouds that drift across the Ypres battlefield. Scaled things rise from the dark waters of the Pripet Marshes. Long-dead remains of criminals executed by Romans claw their way toward a sun they haven’t glimpsed in a thousand years.

The world is at war…a war to end all wars.”

“Weird War I is the latest entry in Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Weird Wars series. The Twilight Legion has so far marched across the battlefields of Rome, Vietnam, and World War II. Now our intrepid soldiers, sailors, airmen, and even civilians must endure the mud and trenches of what would become known as World War I.”

What’s Inside?

  • Mission SystemA brand new feature for Weird War I is the Mission System. The War Master can use this new narrative system to simulate missions such as patrols, air raids, coastal raids, or other typical missions–then break out into the regular system if something demands more detailed attention.
  • The Tale Continues: Weird War I continues the tale of the Twilight Legion, whose exploits we’ve so far explored in Weird War II, Weird War Rome, and Tour of Darkness (Vietnam).
  • Edges & Hindrances: New options to help your warrior battle the dark fiends that rise in the violence of war.
  • Ceremonial Magic: Veteran warriors will discover new weapons to battle the war’s true foes.
  • Equipment: Weapons of war for all the major factions, plus the introduction of the first tanks, airplanes, and other devices of destruction!
  • Battlefield Hazards: Barbed wire, artillery, craters, gas attacks, and all the other dangers of the Great War’s bone-crushing battlefields. Check out a Creature Feature preview of the gas terror and Battlefield Hazards: Gas at and!
  • Horrors of Weird War I: Creatures dredged from the nightmares of the world’s soldiers stalk the battlefield, from gas terrors and necrovores to haunted tanks and far more insidious terrors!
  • Adventure Generator: Detailed tables to spark the War Master’s imagination in creating adventures. A simple patrol turns into a gauntlet of death, or a raid on an enemy trench uncovers a lost ruin from wars long past.
  • History and Terror: The true history of the Great War and the desperate attempts of the Sons of Solomon to save the world!

...and more!


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