New to the games library: Ghostbusters RPG~

New to the games library: Ghostbusters RPG~

Finally got my mitts on an actual copy of the Ghostbusters RPG (West End Games 1986).

It’s in good condition (the insides faring better than the out). It is, of course, missing the highly sought after dice.* But I knew that going in. One of the 4 handouts (Appendix B) has gone missing as well.

But on the upside the set came with the much cherished Tobin’s Spirit Guide (the only real “supplement” for the game. Other than a number of adventures the only other item published for the game was the revamped Ghostbusters International.) But, wait, there’s MORE. Unbeknowst to me the box came with TWO adventures for the game! The very first one, Hot Rods of the Gods, and the tabloid spoofing Lurid Tales of Doom.

There’s also a few bits of ephemera from the previous owners: some copies of the the handouts printed on the shiny paper that fax machines used to use, a hand written character sheet for “Janine” and the original sales and credit card receipts. So I knew who was the original owner and where and when the picked up the game (March 20, 1988 from Space Castle in Honolulu HI). Neat!

* but the ebay seller did throw in some replacement dice as a nice gesture!

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