New to the VAE Library – Agent 13: Acolytes of Darkness

New to the VAE Library – Agent 13: Acolytes of Darkness

In the second half 1980s TSR attempted to do… something… with a new pulp styled character named Agent 13: The Midnight Avenger

In a strange move for a *game* publisher, first they released novels featuring the occult-fighting mystery man, starting with The Invisible Empire in 1986. The home of Dungeons & Dragons didn’t get around to publishing anything game related for Agent 13 until two years later, even then there wasn’t a dedicated/stand alone game. Instead it was merely a sourcebook for the revamped Top Secret (Top Secret/S.I.) line. (I do have a copy of this in the VAE Library).

After the 3 novels, there were graphic novel adaptations of the first two. Then a number of issues of Agent 13 Assassin: The Immortal Avenger/Role Playing Game Comic. The TSR “Roleplaying Comics” lines featured RPG game info in addition to the comic presented.

What I stumbled upon recently was the second graphic novel, the adaptation of Acolytes of Darkness:
It’s not in the greatest of condition, but it was dirt cheap AND (unlike the first graphic novel) includes gaming material as the comic books series did!

In this case we get RPG stats for three characters featured in the story; two villains ( voodoo priestess Mondra Lava and “Father of Vampires” Bludda Dak) and one of the good guys (Karlton Gould of the US State Department).


Included is also a free mini strategic boardgame created by Scott Haring: The Pursuit of Itsu:
TSR made a few really solid minigames back in the day, and this one looks pretty good.

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