Out Now: Victorious

Troll Lord Games’ Victorious has finally hit the streets (and back alleys)

“Gaslight street lamps pour fitful illumination through the fog-shrouded streets of Victorian cities. Menacing figures lurk in darkened alleyways. Desperate men with nothing to lose and the determination to take what they can from others plot.

This is an RPG where masked vigilantes pit their fantastic powers against all the evil that settled in the darkened streets of a Victorian past that both was and was not!

Victorious, the newest core game powered by Troll Lord Games’ celebrated SIEGE engine, allows you to create a wild assortment of heroes, from the wickedly smart to the inhumanly powerful! Victorious can be scaled to meet adventure with investigators of crime, defenders of society against evil monsters, and even mad scientists foiled by masked superheroes.

  • Character classes that run the gamut of Fantastic Victoriana, from Contraptionists to Magicians, to Investigators and Mesmerists and more!
  • A system to create your own unique character.
  • Details of life in the Victorian era, with emphasis on London and New York City.
  • Combat in all its forms, and how the Supernatural can impact both melee and missile combat. Carriage chase rules are provided as well as combat from trains to ships to the air.
  • An individualized magic system as well as rules to use the Castles & Crusades magic spells if desired. Conversions of characters from C&C and Victorious to each others rules are a snap and guidelines are given for such.
  • An introductory adventure where the death of Dr. Henry Jekyll is investigated and is not what it seems.”

But that’s not all! Troll Lord has simultaneously released a slew of supplemental material for Victorious:

Victorious: Rules Britannia

“Ruling over the oceans and a quarter of the Earth’s surface, the British Empire is unarguably the Superpower of the Nineteenth century. Yet cracks appear in the façade of Anglo-Saxon superiority, and nefarious forces are determined to overthrow Queen Victoria’s realm. Details abound on turn of the century British society, cities, and figures that Victorious heroes and heroines might encounter for good or ill.”

Victorious: Manifest Destiny

“From sea to shining sea, the American republic stands paramount despite unhealed wounds of the Civil War, the battles with the remaining Indian tribes, and Segregation that still mars the nation. This book details the United States of the 1880s and 1890s, giving details both historical and fantastical for heroes and heroines who fight for justice in the Great Republic.

Victorious: Hunter & Hunter Catalogue

“A Catalogue of Extraordinary Items for the Victorious RPG: Armor, Weapons & Ordinance.

A Collection of Items from Adhesive Shoes to magnetic Eyes. Motive Transport that includes the Clockwork Carriage and the Hydraulic Horse.

All this and More. The Hunter & Hunter Catalogue is a Collection of all Manner of Curiosities for All Your Extraordinary Needs!”

Victorious: Phantasmagoria

“A gallery of SuperMankind for the Victorious RPG

The Great and the Good!

Persons of Dubious Intent!

With notes on the composition and inhabitants of Darkmore Prison!”

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