Pulp Figures & Rugged Adventures

Pulp Figures & Rugged Adventures~

If you’re into miniatures I’m sure you’re familiar with the Pulp Figures collection created by Bob Murch.

If not check his creations out here: https://pulpfigures.com/home/

Though focused on the pulp era, many of the figures can be applied to anything from steampunk to atomic-action stories. Just check out some of these selections:

Additionally Bob has a FREE GAME! https://pulpfigures.com/rugged_adventures/

Rugged Adventures is a unique approach to table top miniatures gaming. It is a mixture of skirmish wargaming and roleplaying. While must you command bodies of figures as in any miniature wargame you also play at least one character represented by a miniature on the playing surface (or set to use an appropriate movie term). This Player Represented Personality or PRP is required to act in accordance with a pre-determined character design, complete with special abilities, specific quirks, personal goals and a requirement for the gamer to take on all the characteristics they find attached to their particular miniature.

It is a lighthearted approach to tabletop games with a strong emphasis on fun and story-telling. The Rugged Adventures player is encouraged not to win the game but play the story. Often players are required by the GM to act up their actions or give an ‘in character’ verbal account of themselves. We want our players to laugh, shout, speak in silly accents and generally come away from a game having enjoyed themselves whether they won or lost.

Download all of the free pdfs here: https://pulpfigures.com/rugged_adventures/

Or here: https://pulpfigures.com/downloads/


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