Seattle Game Store Robbed

Seattle’s Green Lake Games* was robbed recently.

From their facebook:

“To our dedicated community:

Our store was broken into overnight, completely ransacked and torn apart, resulting in a large theft. In the comments section we have included the cards that are highly noticeable in sell or trade, although that is a minimum of what was taken. All told, our estimated loss is about $15k. We are in contact with local police as well as our insurance.

We are devastated as a company, and in shock as individuals. We work together to provide a community space for gaming, and are highly disappointed to see this as a result.

We will be hosting all of our events and running sales to recoop some of those losses. We appreciate everyone’s understanding, patience and support during this time.

Thank you!”

Article on KOMO news:…/15k-worth-of-magic-the-gathering-card…

*a particular fav of VAE’s.

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