Steam-Powered – Bundle of Holding

Steam-Powered – Bundle of Holding

Adventurer! Stoke your boilers with our all-new Steam-Powered Bundle, a brassbound collection of steampunk tabletop roleplaying games in many settings and genres. From classic Victoriana to high fantasy to alien worlds, these games let fly at societal strictures and authoritarian industries. Inspired by Jules Verne, The Wild Wild West, The Difference Engine, and more, these designers show steampunk means more than cogs and flywheels.

For just US$12.95 you get all three titles in our spectacularly uncostly Starter Collection (retail value $55) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

  • Airship Pirates (Cakebread & Walton, retail price $25): Time-tossed post-apocalyptic steampunk inspired by the lyrics of Seattle band Abney Park.
  • Victoriana: The Concert in Flames (Cubicle 7, retail $18): A guide to the steampunk Europe of Victoriana — a great companion title if you have our newly resurrected Victoriana Bundle, now in progress.
  • Sweet Chariot 2E (Better Mousetrap Games, retail $12): A lost colony world built on steam-driven technology.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $25.67, you’ll improve your lot and also get our entire Bonus Collection of six more titles (retail value $81):

  • Pure Steam (retail $13) and Westbound (retail $15): ICOSA Entertainment’s complete Pathfinder campaign setting and its new Wild West supplement. Bring the Age of Steam into your fantasy world!
  • Airship Pirates: Underneath the Lamplight (retail $20): The massive Neovictorian worldbook for Airship Pirates.
  • SteamCraft (Perilous Journeys Publishing, retail $15): Industrial Age meets Information Age in this gritty “New-World” dystopia of steam-tech and fantasy.
  • NEW! Airship Pirates: Ruined Empires (retail $8): An swashbuckling romp of piracy, betrayal, and intrigue.
  • NEWER! The Widening Gyre (Blackwyrm Games, retail $10): Savage Worlds steampunk for the “Industrial Age As It Should Have Been.”

Learn more about our offers at our official blog, Beyond the Bundle.

The Good Fight

Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to this offer’s designated charity, Doctors Without Borders.

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