Steamcon Sale~ Aug 2nd 2014


Hello faithful followers!

As you may have heard Steamcon still needs help.

Even though there won’t be a future Steamcon, we’re still haunted by the ghosts of the past. Specifically we have outstanding tax debts over $4,000.

This debt can’t be discharged, we MUST pay the state of Washington what it is owed.

How you can help:

This Saturday, August 2nd 2014, we will be at the Time Travelers Rummage Sale. We will be clearing out EVERYTHING we can, hoping to raise some of what we owe.

So please come down, buy stuff, or make a donation.

This is your last chance to get a piece of Steamcon history.

We need you now as much as ever.

  • Jordan B & the Steampunk Conventions Board

Time Travelers Rummage Sale:

August 2nd
Noon – 6:00 PM,
All Pilgrims Church,
500 Broadway East (lower level)
Seattle, WA

Admission is FREE!

Time Travelers’ Rummage Sale -August 2nd

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