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The Everywayan: Owl Hoot Trail

The Everywayan: Owl Hoot Trail The Everywayan takes a look at Owl Hoot Trail: Owl Hoot Trail With all the excitement over the release of 13th Age, it might be easy to overlook another excellent new release from Pelgrane Press, the Western RPG Owl Hoot Trail. It is a digest-sized RPG …

Review: Deadlands: Reloaded

Review: Deadlands: Reloaded from Steampunk Chronicle: The Magical Weird West of Deadlands: Reloaded M. Gabriel Colbaugh reviews Deadlands: Reloaded, the second edtion of the classic weird west RPG. By mgcolbaugh Deadlands: Reloaded is a RPG setting released by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Primarily designed and written by Shane Lacy Hensley …

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