The Cogs of Eternity game notes

The Cogs of Eternity game notes~

The Cogs of Eternity
Game Name

Cogs of Eternity

Game System



Four prince(sses) set out on a period of noblesse oblige


Epic tale of intrigue and adventure

Plot Summary

Throughout the ages the Council of Four had rules the trade empire of Rathan has ruled by the merit of their sons and daughters. For a year and a day, they must serve a period of service to the land, and should they be deemed unworthy, their crown shall pass to the next in line, should he win it. However, in a rapidly modernizing world, the crown-princes must face threats both new and old, and nothing is as it seems.

World Information

This game will take place in a world I’ve been working on for a long time called Justal on the continent of Elyria. More information can be found here: Please note that this is a living document, it will grow and expand as we move forward.


The cogs groan as the clock strikes midnight, the dense smog shimmers in the pale moonlight as cowards and vermin stalk through the alleyways. You stand in a wide hall of stone and steel under a vaulted ceiling, side by side with the others you’ve known your whole lives. Before you sit the four kings of the Rathan empire, your fathers. Tonight though, they seem changed and foreign, as they normally do when custom requires them to stand on ceremony.

For as long as the great Rathan trade empire has stood, so have the four great houses; House Farleigh, House Cray, House Dunsidane, and House Lestrov. They have always ruled in council, the Four Thrones bear the Four Kings, who have always had rule that was fair and just. However, there’s a saying in the rapidly modernizing Rathan empire that holds more true then any piece of scripture: “Nothing is as it seems.”

The eldest of the four kings, Varyin Lestrov, clears his throat before speaking in a voice that masked a great wisdom, “Our children, you have grown much since you first started your training. We all see great potential in you, but first you must find it in yourself.”

Next spoke the portly Chris Farleigh, a man of great humor and youth, “But you can only find yourselves as you walk among those you lead. The life of a king is not granted, but won.”

Malcolm Dunsidane, the kindest, and most generous of the kings spoke in a soft tone, as if he lamented the words before they passed his lips. “And so it is that we release you to the world, for a year and a day. Without title or aid you must win your right to lead your people.”

Finally spoke Kennith Cray, a warlord among footmen, who’s ability to see a battlefield and give the right orders was almost preternatural. His voice filled with passion and zeal he near shouted his bit. “For to rule is the right granted to us by our people, and so it is to them you must go. A king is nothing if not one a vessel of his followers. And so to rule you must win.”

In turn Farleigh, Cray, and Dunsidane spoke. “Win the hearts of your people.”

“Of your soldiers on the front.”

“And of the servants of light.”

Lestrove spoke powerfully when his final words came, “Your journey may be fraught with peril, it may be paved with gold, the journey of Noblesse Oblige is never the same for as our world changes, so must the way we experience it. You will each be given a total of nine-hundred gold from the royal coffers, you may take it in the form of gold or items, but after that you will be given no more. Should you return to us for any reason barring the most dire of circumstances, your crowns shall be forfeit. Now go our children, and win the right to your crown.”

The Council of Kings
Chris Farleigh

left-aligned image The head of House Farleigh was always a jovial man, who found his craft in the magic of the arts. He’s always one for a joke, a song, or a feast. Even after his coronation he often traveled to other courts and cities, as to have more stories to tell and new people to sing of. The children of House Farleigh rarely pick the same path as their ancestors, they’ve always been a house of free spirits.

Malcolm Dunsidane

left-aligned image Malcolm Dunsidane is one of the few members from the Order of Espada Ardiente to ascend to the highest rank in the Church of Pelor besides the High Priest himself. The Order of Espada Ardiente, named after the blade said to have been wielded by Pelor himself are an order of Paladins and Inquisitors meant to act as the Churches arm. They frequently work in coalitions with the armies of the various empires and kingdoms.

Malcolm himself is a man of intense honor, he will always do what is right even to his own detriment, though he wont risk the safety of others. He is very tolerant of others opinions and beliefs even when they conflict with his own. He tends to be measured in his responses as he had quite a temper when he was younger.

House Dunsidane has always been dedicated to the Church of Pelor and is largely responsible for its rise to power in Rathan. The children of House Dunsidane often take a religious path, and even those that don’t tend to hold it in high regard.

Varyin Lestrov

left-aligned image Varyin Lestrov is one of the strongest mages not only alive, but ever. He is one of, if not the only, person to have traveled to the far continent of Kasum and returned, though he doesn’t often talk of that journey. He sits on the board of headmasters for the University of Rathan as the Archmage of the College of Magic.

House Lestrov has always produced inquisitive minds, and always promoted strength of mind over strength of body.

Kennith Cray

left-aligned image Kennith was always a tactician, even as a child where he often found ways to escape the castle by observing the guards patrols and learning to bypass them. Kennith stands as the Commander in Chief of the Rathan Army and refuses to lead from the back lines, insisting on leading the charge. There are few warriors who would even attempt to take him in single combat, though General Strongsteel has and won. King Cray and the General met during basic training and became fast friends.

House Cray have always been warriors, every child is born with a sword or axe in their hands. Some pick other paths, perhaps the path of the Paladin or the Battlemage, but few stray far from the martial arts.

Player Information

Race: Human is preferable, other races will be considered with very good justification and if the players writing shows promise.

Level: 1st

Classes: Any pazio

Starting wealth: 900 gp (everyone gets rich parents trait for free).

Ability Scores: 25 Point Buy

HP: Max at all levels.

A Steampunk world

-Emerging Firearms

-Urban Rangers are more common, however the regular type exists, though they come from a highly trained military organization, creatively known as the Rangers (with changes as need be).

-The druids as they were once known exist only in the deepest regions of the forests, and are almost never heard from, however, a new group known as the “Techno Pagans” have arisen, mixing the old ways with the new.

-More to come as it is brought up

Application Format

Race: Human unless you can justify otherwise
Gender: Your choice, females are not passed over for a chance at the crown in Rathan.
Class: Any pazio

Personality: Who is your prince/princess? What is (s)he like?

Physical: Are you comely? Handsome? Beautiful? Outstanding? Mundane? Anything you like to note about your physical description.

Bio: The meat of the application, give as much or as little detail as you like.

RP Sample: A piece of writing from the perspective of your character.

I’m imposing no minimum or maximum on any of the fields, but I will note that detail will help, though I will consider short apps as well (after all, there are great authors who can say more with less: see Hemingway).


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