The Dreadfuls~ penny novels get a make-over

The Dreadfuls~ penny novels get a make-over

Spearheaded by Nick and Elizabeth Valentino (the folks behind Her Majesty’s Mysterious Conveyance*), The Dreadfuls series are an interesting mix of Victorian style, chap-book intimacy, and a slash of punk-zine cool. They come in three different themes: Scary Dreadfuls, Naughty Dreadfuls. and the new Pixie Dreadfuls.

At this year’s Norwescon I picked up the first two issues of Scary Dreadful for my buddy geekgirlwhatrules**, cuz she’s down with horror. For the Victorian Adventure Enthusiast Library I went for a year’s subscription to Naughty Dreadful.

That’s right I said SUBSCRIPTION. to keep the old-school heart pumping you can buy a yearly subscription to these quarterly periodicals!!shoppe/cfvg

*which I picked up from Nick at Norwescon last year. Check this collection of novellas out here:

** check out her phantastic blog here:

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